How To Get Maximum Value

Travel / Job fee: $100

Rate: Added to the base fee, $.04 – .10 per square foot of the home’s listed square footage.


Example: 3,000 sq. ft house.

$100 + (3,000 x [.04 – .10] = $120 – 300), depending upon factors described below. So a full photo package of up to 36 images, ready for print and your website listings, would cost $220 – 400.

Brochures, flyers, postcards and other printed media are available upon request.


This range covers the unique features of a property. For example, an empty house just won’t have the photographic appeal of a staged home. While the simpler lighting, composition and ease of moving around make the photography job quicker and easier, photos of a well-staged home will be far more effective for marketing. The final selling price of that well-staged home is consistently far higher than an empty house.

Another example is a basic, moderately-sized home on a large, well-developed lot. There may be ornate landscaping, workshops, garages, a swimming pool, fruit trees, etc. While not part of the “square footage” of the property, all those features add value to a real estate listing and deserve to be included in the photographs.


If the property is a vacation rental, the marketing obviously differs from homes for sale. The focus on a rental is the living experience so the images need to emphasize how enjoyable the renter’s time would be there. Amenities, furnishings, proximity to desirable activities — all are important to the prospective renter. While a home buyer would be more focused on the living space, the renter won’t be redecorating so showing off the existing furnishings is also important. Our photography will emphasize to prospective renters why your property should be their first choice.

For the home buyer, those furnishings can help a buyer see the potential in a house — with an eye on how to turn it from a house into a home. Decorating is important and good staging keeps it clean, uncluttered and spacious.


Drone video and still photography is quoted when the specifics of the project are explained. RAW material is available as well as completed imagery (up to 4K video and print-quality still photo resolutions).

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