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Photography & Aerial Imaging Services

Realty Graphix is dedicated to creating effective, inspiring photo and video imagery of your real estate. It’s universally recognized among real estate professionals that quality photographs and video of properties is critical to selling a property quickly and for the highest price. Our goal is to capture your real estate in the best possible way. With the dominance of the Internet in real estate marketing, photographs are likely to be your best means to capture the interest of a potential buyer. We want our photographs of your property to appeal to the buyer so they’re already planning their new home!

With over 30 years as professional photographers, we’ve traveled the world with our cameras. We’ve been the exclusive photographers for world-renowned celebrities, published in international magazines, photographed million dollar artwork, jewelry, timepieces, automobiles, and much more.

Even with all those great experiences, it still comes down to the fundamentals. The most important skill in photography is mastering the light. That doesn’t come included with the latest-and-greatest digital camera. It takes years of work, a disciplined approach with clear vision, patience to make effective compositions, and a strong sense of timing to create successful photographs consistently. That’s what we bring to each assignment.

3D and “walk-through videography”

We do NOT do “walk-through videography” for a very simple reason: We believe that “walk-through videography”, while technically “cool”, is hugely counterproductive to you as a real estate sales professional. Here’s why:

Let’s say you have an awesome property with a “walk-through video” posted online. A prospective buyer on the Internet finds the property’s listing and looks at all the photos and reads the information. The buyer really likes the property so far. Then he (she) sees the video only to find “an issue” – a big turn-off. So that buyer casually moves on to another listing – and you never got the opportunity to speak with that buyer to see if that “turn-off” was something that could have been mitigated or otherwise negotiated away. Or perhaps you had another property that was a better fit for that buyer. As a realtor, you got shut out. You never got the opportunity to create that relationship with the buyer because the buyer had too much information available without the benefit of a qualified real estate professional to counsel and guide the buyer through that property’s features and potential.

We believe creating the collaborative relationship between the agent and the buyer is the key to your success. Our goal is to create the high quality photos (including aerial stills or video) so you can attract legitimate, informed buyers to your properties. Once the images have helped you to establish that relationship, it’s up to you as a sales professional to close the deal.

Aerial Photography & Videography Services

We also offer complete sUAS drone imaging services for real estate marketing.


Videography in 5K

Certified by the FAA under Rule 14 CFR part 107 for sUAS (Small Unmanned Aerial Systems)

Why is this important for the client? A few reasons:

#1 is LIABILITY. Simply put, drones can and do crash. No matter how well one prepares the equipment, mechanical things fail. Or Mother Nature gets involved. When a drone fails, it might simply drop like a really cool looking rock. Depending upon where it hits, maybe there’s no damage. Or maybe it drops onto the middle of your client’s Lamborhini engine hood. Even worse, maybe it hits someone. And then there’s the dreaded “fly-away” when a drone breaks away from the ground-based control and simply “flies off” to wherever. Eventually it’s going to return to earth, with uncertain consequences.

Here’s the question you need to ask yourself: In the worst case, do you want to be liable for any mishaps?

An FAA-certified Remote Pilot knows what is necessary for a safe flight and will take the necessary steps to ensure that even if the unforeseen happens, it’s as much of a non-event as possible.

The certified remote pilot will…

  • Respect FAA-controlled airspace
  • Maintain polite relations with neighbors – and THAT reflects well on you!
  • Understand pertinent FAA regulations and get waivers when necessary

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